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Bring your vision to LIFE

We specialize in innovative, original designs for all forms of professional AV applications.  From organic outdoor event lighting to intimate club settings, dynamic corporate installations to contemporary theater and concert venues, Dark Star will design and implement a creative state-of-the-art solution tailored to your needs & budget. Make your vision a reality with Dark Star Lighting & Productions cutting edge equipment know-how and passion.





3D - Drafting & Planning

Dark Star brings your vision to life in the planning stages of your event with computer-generated 3D visualization and photo-realistic rendering, allowing for a finely-tuned collaborative design process.

Attention to Detail

We are obsessed with attention to detail, and it shows in the level of service you receive from us. We carefully design & and execute each system to ensure the smoothest possible transition from your artistic vision to installation.


Professional & Friendly Staff

darkstar - 
n. an unseen member of a multiple star system.

Just as a "darkstar" is an unseen part of a much larger system, we believe that a good lighting production company shouldn't steal the focus away from the show. We're behind the scenes, making sure everything happens but aren't necessarily in the spotlight. Rest assured Dark Star's reliable team of degreed lighting & audio professionals will arrive prepared and handle any curve balls an event may throw their way.